Aus der STILLE...


wenn Einer in der Stille harrt, und dabei stets das EINE wahrt...

so spricht er nicht so ziemt es sich und spricht er doch so ist ers nicht,

und doch spricht ER doch nicht für sICH...






Hui Chun Qi Gong...


first of all, we say and call it qi gong, just to give it a name in the beginning, but in fact we cannot start immediately with qi gong (working with Qi/flow), because our inside and outside structure is to ruff to work with the much finer qi.

Therefor we start with getting more and more loose and bring the spread mind in to the focus, focus the mind (thoughts) into one point, the lower dantian (body)


qi gong has its effects through the inner attitude, the outside structure helps to slowly slowly

achieve this attitude and your posture will correct it self.


First step:

open the 7 stars, open and prepare all your joints carefully, from the head to the toe.


Second step:

prepare the whole body through easy stretching...


Third step:


achieve the right outside structure.


find a natural stance, body relaxed

head is pushing up the sky, (bai hui is slightly pushing up towards heaven)

tongue is pushing up the head, (tongue is closing to the upper pallet and connecting two channels, ren mai and du mai)

chin tucked in slightly, so the head and the nose, (EGO) is facing towards earth a little bit.

Chest is empty

shoulders and elbows are loose and heavy to the ground

wrist open and relaxed

spine and lower back, loose and relaxed

knees and ankles, open and relaxed

feet deeply rooted in the earth


„Ding Tian, Li Di...“ Head in Heaven(ASTRAL), Feet in Earth(MATERIAL)




from the nose to the lower dan tian.









first Mudra:


YI SHOU DAN TIAN, (mind sinks into the dantian)


in the first posture its all about to focus the mind (thoughts) into one point.

So when you realize that your mind is drifting away, COME BACK, the moment you are aware of your thinking, you are already back, cause „a moment last only as long, as the story you are holding it for“.


Think about your thoughts like an upcoming cloud, all you do is to be aware of the cloud and immediately let it GO, let it sink down to your lower dan tian.

what we normal do in the whole thinking trap is... we are getting aware more or less about the cloud, then instead of letting it go, we start to follow and start to see a form in it, we give it a name, we create a story and the story becomes filled with all sorts of emotions, past, future and so on, we start to identify with it and so we are trapped in our own creation!

So, slowly slowly through the practice, and always go back, come back again and again, you will be able to achieve some kind of finer thoughts, thoughts will still be there, some may catch you, but

they will not involve you so much anymore in a story.

later on some finer thoughts still remaining, but they are so fine, so they do not interrupt your practice anymore and you can really begin to sink down, stay low and work internally.

following this practice heartful you can achieve to have empty thoughts...

not NO thoughts, thats a completely different level, but empty thoughts have no distracted effect on you anymore. so in this state you have empty thoughts, no emotion related, no story, no name, no form, and later on, not even the smallest following of the upcoming thought.

they will just go through you, you can skip them and see why „this so called past and future“ is not really existed!!


second Mudra:


BAO YUAN SHOU YI, (embrace infinity, keep the ONEness, mind and form are ONE)


in the second posture we keep the legs straight and relax the ming men (lower back part, gate of life), so we learn to relax the ming men even we keep the legs straight, which is more difficult than with bend ones.


In the beginning you can start to work with the „Information“ to „embrace the infinite...“

therefor, imagine to fly into the universe with the plan to embrace to build a wall or surround the universe. for the beginning you really keep trying this, again and again, until you will realize

that this is not possible, that it is not possible to surround to grab to understand the infinite the unlimited, borderless, for your mind is limited, how can something limited reach or understand the unlimited... so by truly realizing and accepting this u have „surrendered“ and so you have begun to „embrace the infinite“ ...believe grows to Trust, Trust grows to HEART, HEART IS...

this opening when it truly happens you will witness immediately, cause from this moment your whole world has changed, you have arrived from the world of the understanding, grabbing, keeping (FEAR) the world of the„I KNOW“ to the world of the unknown, the unseen, TRUST (LOVE) the world of the „i DONT KNOW“ .

most start in the state of the „i KNOW“, the second step is the „i DONT KNOW“, and if you keep practicing and getting more and more comfortable in the stat of, „i DONT KNOW“, you may reach the state of the „i KNOW THAT i DONT KNOW“... and this is the entrance to be a person of WISDOM, a person of no knowledge, the „knowledge of Immortality“


About the INFORMATION, to „keep the ONEness, it is up to you to get through it... just this... ONE is not TWO, so who is YOU, ME and the OTHERS then...





HUN YUAN YI QI, (the cosmic circle is flowing together)


in this motion, its all about to reconnect with the cosmic flow, which is always and ever the flow of live, it is just because of destructive thinking and blocked body and mind structure that you are not aware of it anymore, so the body and the movement is not connected to this flow most of the time.

From childhood until now you more or less destroy your third aura in the process of growing up, through, destructive thinking, emotions, and NO NO NO this is not good and this is wrong and so on, the person is more and more closing and destroying the hun yuan aura, which connects us to the

hun yuan flow, the cosmic flow..


when you inhale, rise up and when you exhale lower down, so you can first connect the breathing with the body movement, thats why later on you don’t have to think about the breathing in what so ever movement, form or style anymore, it will just flow naturally.

Even more, you learn to fill and empty the body and mind, which will regulate the yin and the yang

flow in the body and mind. If you are at this level, your forms, and movement will be totally different and you will be able to express the yin and yang aspect clearly, naturally and in an ongoing flow, even your standing still, the Qi will just flow through YOU!



WU JI ZHUANG, (pillar of polelessness, no pole)


in this posture you lower down more, like sitting on something, legs can be a little wider, feet grabbing more into the earth. When standing in this position, it is about to stand with no intention, be quiet completely, no focus on the inside nor the outside, cause, who is inside is not outside, whom is outside is not be in the nothingness, polelessness, wether in nor out!!


after some time, start with the the „3 dimensional drop“, „the inner shower“, or the dive to the HEART.


breath in to your eyes and by the time you breath out, let the eyes drop to your nose, breath into your nose, breath out and let the nose drop to your mouth, breath into your mouth, breath out and let the mouth drop into the HEART(the being) in the beginning one breath is one drop, later on you can let it go through and wash all three to the HEART directly.


The first drop: eyes to nose..


your two „world eyes“ see everything in separation, doubt, judge, and keep the picture of the world separated, as you see and want to keep it!


The second drop: nose to the mouth...


the nose is referring to the world EGO and the attitude to put your nose into things which are not supposed to be your business, we keep the nose high and say i am right and you are wrong!


The third drop: mouth to the HEART


washing the mouth to the heart, so we are cleaning our dirty talk, talk behind the backs of others, as well we talk about things, but our actions prove the opposite, so what we talk about and our actions are not even, so we are not trustworthy, for we are not honest to ourSELF!

all this three we wash again and again so slowly slowly the way to the „true HEART“

becomes free, and the saying, „im following, or listening to my Heart“ becomes true and possible.

cause the way to the true Heart is a long and challenging way, and the EGO is smart to tell you,

...follow me, this is what your heart wants.., for the EGO knows all the tricks to catch you again and again.


In this state you will be able to dive to the Heart, listen to it more closely, and start to non separate yourSELF from what ever is there in and outside of you. You will be rooted in the earth, carry your nose low and what you speak will be your actions, and your actions will be what you speak, cause... „what the HEART is full of, the mouth will speak“


lets all find out whats beyond this...



QIAN KUN BAN YUN, (transforming heaven and earth)


here we have the constant change of yin and yang in the body and mind, one leg is full of muscle, weight is completely on the front leg, so it is full of muscle but empty of qi (flow)

in the move, the front leg will get empty of muscle and full of qi flow, and wise versa on the other leg... through this you will learn to „transform“ heaven(ASTRAL) and earth(MATERIAL) constantly and you be able to become more comfortable in both worlds, and the yin and the yang start to work more together!


HUN YUAN ZHUANG, (cosmic pilar)


in this most famous pillar, it is about to stand like a tree, deeply rooted in the earth, and the crown (head) rest and growing into heaven, a tree has no thoughts, no wanting, no identification to it self... so stand like a tree, or mountain if you prefer ;)




in the beginning remind you about the structure, and again and again relax from the head to the toe, so slowly you will come from a stiff and „holding muscle structure“ to a looser and relaxer „tendon structure“ so your muscles learned to let go and will have the perception that you are getting carried, so the body can get filled (can perceive) the peng energy, expanding energy,(first of the 8 cosmic energies) then it is not longer like a person is standing in space it is more like you are space, beyond space, beyond a separated person.


Level of structure:


stiff, mind holding muscle structure

finer more carried tendon structure

finer loose structure

finer filled structure

finer empty structure


until, no structure, but no structure does not mean that there is no structure, but „YOU“ is not this structure anymore, in this stage standing the hun yuan for even only one minute is like standing it for a hundred years!


now, the HUN YUAN, the COSMOS is standing for YOU...




BAO TAI JI, (forming the tai ji ball)


in the bao tai ji, we keep the structure we have achieved in the hun yuan and start to form the ball, so we come from the standing meditation to the meditation in movement, and therefor the bridge into the daily life...


from sitting still, to standing still, to moving still, perform still, until free movement in harmony of yin and yang, all actions will become one constant prayer..


stillness and movement in harmony this is tai ji, second of the 10 ancestral principles of Wu Dang.


When the people came to JESUS and ask him, what is the sign of your true disciples, of the real ones, He said, it is... „stillness and movement in ONE (harmony)“...


SHOU GONG, (inner shower, closing)


the arms rise up three times vertically while you inhale and grab into a big bowl of clear, pure, fresh, water and when you exhale the water is flushing inside and outside, body and mind clean and pure, like a warm and refreshing waterfall.


now three times horizontal , bring back the qi from the aura, very slowly careful, when you breath in you gather, and breathing out, you bring it back to your lower dantian.

about the shou gong, we already wrote in another article on the WDP WORLD homepage

just so much...the qigong begins with the respect and preparation and it ends with respect and the closing, so keep your time, enjoy if you like, it is all same important, even to loosen and relax the wrist can be the greatest qi gong.

even the greatest and most precious exercise will only be as great as you allow it to be, through your commitment and dedication of HEART...


if you think in body... you get body..

if you think in mind... you get mind..

if you think in energy... you get energy..

if you think in spirit... you get spirit..


if you think in „keeping the ONEness“


ONE it IS!!







Qi Gong...


Du sagst, das was wir da machen, das ist kein QiGong!


Ich sage OK, egal was es ist, wenn es sich so gut auf mich auswirkt wie es das tut...

wenn es...


..mich soweit bringt, „leere“ Gedanken zu haben... (FOKUS)


Yi Shou Dan Tian



..mich in die Welt des Nicht-Wissens führt ... (ÖFFNUNG)


Bao Yuan Shou Yi



..mich mit dem Kosmos verbindet... (FLUSS)


Hun Yuan Yi Qi



..mich zum Herzen tauchen lässt, zum Wesen (STILLE)



Wu Ji Zhuang



..Himmel und Erde durch mich wandelt... (ERINNERN)


Tian Kun Ban Yun



..mich zur Ich-losigkeit führt... (EINHEIT)


Hun Yuan Zhuang



mich auch in Bewegung in Meditation verweilen (FRIEDEN)



Bao Tai Ji


wenn es mich dann noch so verfeinert, mich so liebevoll macht, die Sicht öffnet und mich

dem HERRN in mir so nahe bringt...


Shou Gong


also... dann hast DU recht, das, WIR nicht das machen, was Du Dir unter Qi Gong vorstellst, und ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Spaß und viel Freude bei dem was Du Qi Gong nennst...!!



so sei es... 3isONE

Die Geburtsstunde des Tai Ji...


Zhang San Feng, ein großer Meister der Schwertkunst siedelte sich am Fusse des Wu Dang Berges nieder um sich nunmehr nur noch der Kultivierung des Herzens zu widmen.

Alsbald hatte er schon viele Schüler, denn sein Ruf eilte Ihm weit voraus.

Nach nur kurzer Zeit hatten einige seiner Schüler schon beachtliche Fähigkeiten im Bereich der „stillen Sitzmeditation“ erreicht, sie konnten mehrere Tage ohne Essen, Schlaf und in vollkommener Stille verharren ohne das sich ihr Gemüt auch nur einmal regte..


Eines Tages folgte der Meister seinen Schülern unbemerkt in die Stadt, um zu sehen ob Sie dieses Gemüt auch auf den Alltag zu übertragen, im Alltag zu leben vermochten...

Doch wie vermutet waren seine Schüler sehr grob und laut im Umgang und es war sehr wenig von der stillen Schulung zu erkennen welcher Sie sich schon seit geraumer zeit widmeten.


So vertiefte sich der Meister und erkannte das er eine Brücke schaffen muss, von der so isolierten stillen sitzenden Übung, in den ach so lauten bewegten und unvorhersehbaren Alltag.

So kreierte Zhang San Feng, die „Meditation im stehen“ die sogenannte „stehende Säule“, bei welcher der Schüler nun diese Ruhe und Stille auch im stehen in einer schwierigen Haltung und Stellung bewahren sollte.


Der nächste Schritt war die „Meditation im Gehen“, bei welcher der Schüler eine einfache Schrittfolge immer und immer wieder schulte bis er auch hier die Stille und Ruhe im Herzen beim einfachen gehen bewahren konnte.


Dann folgte die Meditation in einem vorgegeben Bewegungsablauf einer Bewegungsform, bei welcher der Schüler den Fluss und die Koordination von Ober und Unterkörper so schult, das er auch dort nach geraumer zeit seine Form in Ruhe und Gelassenheit absolvieren und sein Gemüt durch nichts aus dem Gleichgewicht bringen lässt... das ist die Geburtsstunde des „Tai Ji Chuan..“


Der letzte Schritt war vorerst nun die „Meditation in freier Bewegung“, welche dem Alltag am nächsten kommt, bei welcher der Schüler nunmehr sich vom Qi (Fluss) leiten lässt und immerwährend Stille (Yin) und Bewegung (Yang) in ständiger Wechselwirkung frei zum Ausdruck bringt, und nach Jahren der Übung, das Yin und das Yang so kultiviert das sie in vollkommener Harmonie verschmelzen und den übenden zum Tai Ji den absoluten Pool (WESEN) führen.





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